Our Story

We are proud lifelong Michigan residents that share a love for woodworking and art. Our vision for Superior Art Substrates was born from our belief that a Superior Foundation is just a better way to start a project. Our favorite art medium to work on is wood. However, we were not satisfied with the extremely poor quality of the wooden cradled substrates available in stores and on-line. They are all very light weight, cheaply made, unlevel and many are needing repairs to the top surface. Additionally, most wooden cradles found on-line and in stores are raw unfinished wood that still require sanding, sealing and ground before they can be used. We knew we could use our woodworking experience to build a superior product that was not offered anywhere else. A product that required NO prep work for the artist. A hand-crafted product that will stand the test of time for generations to enjoy made from some of the most beautiful wood species in the world.  By combining our two passions, we are able to offer one-of-a-kind, high-end, hand-crafted Domestic and Exotic Hardwood cradled substrates that will elevate your next commission or passion project to an entirely new level. Our hardwood cradled substrates are not only beautiful but are SUPERIOR in every way. Each and every substrate is meticulously hand crafted using only the finest materials and individually numbered for authenticity. Proudly crafted in our small woodworking shop in the heart of Michigan. Why not give your next Masterpiece A Superior Start?