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Quartersawn Sycamore and Baltic Birch 12" x 24" Hardwood Cradled Substrate

Quartersawn Sycamore and Baltic Birch 12" x 24" Hardwood Cradled Substrate

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This spectacular one-of-a-kind quartersawn Sycamore and Baltic Birch Hardwood cradled substrate shimmers with ribbons of light. You will love the soft snakeskin appearance of this unique piece. Only Mother Nature could grow such an amazing wood. The highly figured scales that show when the wood is quartersawn make this piece truly unique.  Quartersawing is a very time-consuming technique which involves turning the log 1/4 turn before each cut during the milling process.  

The glossy finish on the cradle is the perfect backdrop for the rich light honey brown and natural caramel snakeskin pattern of scales that dance along the surface. A bonus on this particular piece is it lightly spalted. This means that the wood had begun the process of decay but was stopped by the kiln drying process. This produces very striking black lines that add character to this unique substrate. No two boards are ever exactly the same making this truly one-of-a-kind. This is such a new and exciting way to showcase your next fine art project, resin project or whatever you can dream up!  

This individually numbered substrate (SAS20) arrives to you ready to go out of the box.  This cradle has been pre-sealed top, bottom and sides, next 4 coats of white hard-sandable gusso were applied to the sealed Birch top and hand sanded between coats.  This step creates a hard flat surface to create on. Lastly, 4 coats of Marine grade varnish (which helps with UV protection) were hand applied to the Hardwood cradle to seal, protect and finish the wood. The only step you need to take is to is tape off the Sycamore sides with high quality painter tape and you are ready to create. 

All of our substrates are hand built, Heirloom quality and will last for generations to come. Unlike the warped, unlevel, low quality wooden cradles you find in craft stores and on-line, this cradle weighs in at an impressive 4 lb 3 oz and measures a true 23 7/8" x 11 15/16".  The gallery profile depth is 1 3/4" which include the 1/4" Baltic birch top.  The cradle is braced extra well on the back using six pieces of 7/8" thick Basswood including corner braces*.  Unlike other "wooden" substrates on the market, ours do not contain any MDF, fiber/Pouring board, nails, screws or staples.  We only use top-quality Baltic Birch, Basswood and Premium sustainably sourced Hardwoods. Every substrate arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Give your next Masterpiece a Superior Start!

A little bit about Sycamore. Its native range is Eastern United States and Canada and naturally grows near rivers and streams. Its scientific name is Platanus Occidentalis.  When Sycamore is quartersawn, it is highly desirable due to its unique scale patterns that flash when show from different angles and lights. This makes the wood sought after and therefore expensive. This beautiful Hardwood is used mainly for fine furniture, veneer, gunstocks, knife billets and turning items like bowls and vases. 

*Please be sure to read our Wood Disclaimer found at the bottom of the home page.

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